Bullitproof Construction Ltd.

The Owners

Tyson Houle is an experienced builder, who has set his tool belt aside to teach and guide his employees.  He is a married man with a young son. His hobbies include Harley Davidson collecting and riding, as well as quading, hunting and scuba diving.

Todd Houle, brother to Tyson, has been building all his working life. He also hasn't needed to swing a hammer himself lately. Todd is married with two young boys. His hobbies include reading, fishing and hunting.

Devon Phelps currently manages the crews in the camp feilds. He is in a committed relationship, with no children. His hobbies include quading, learning and movies.

Our History

Bullitproof Constructrion Ltd. has been an incorporated company since 2004. Before starting their own company, the three owners of Bullitproof previously owned Houles Construction with their father. They built several high quality homes in the Slave Lake area.

Our Crews

We have several crews doing separate jobs. Usually each crew has a leader and five labourers. There are crews for foundation, framing, finishing, electrical, plumbing, etc.